The English Manner has worked across the world for Royalty, private individuals, hotels and owners of super yachts. We pioneered butler service training for the world’s first 7 Star Hotel and have the capacity to work with the leading hotels of the world. All training is to British Royal standards, with the knowledge and first-hand experience to back up training at all levels.

Our offerings for private households and estates include detailed assessments of the current state of play and perceived needs, developing a complete staff plan for all aspects of the household or estate, job descriptions and training programmes for the highest standards in household and crew operations.

As a natural progression to our service, we will assist with recruitment where necessary, develop an inventory system and ongoing management services with a unique Household Standards Manual, and conduct regular refresher training and reviews within the household.

Our service is bespoke and our methods, recommendations, and techniques vary from client to client, changing to suit each one's needs

Target Audience

  • Hotels
  • Government Household
  • Guest houses
  • High net worth individuals and families