"Customer Service is the New Marketing"


In today's business world, good customer service is no longer enough. It has to be excellent!. This means an organization is doing what it says it will, at the price it promised, plus a little extra to show its customers appreciation. That little extra is what makes the difference. Customers have more options than ever before and feel less loyalty towards brands.  They want products and services from whoever is willing to provide them with a good service.

Our training will help equip your staff and representatives with the right skills and attitude to manage and deliver exceptional customer service. After this training programme, participants will:

  • Have an improved awareness about the role and importance of excellent customer service.
  • Have an enhanced understanding of the concepts and principles of excellent customer service.
  • Learn to identify and analyse customer needs and problems.
  • Discover techniques to cultivate and maintain special customer relations.
  • Develop and maintain customer service standards.
  • Communicate effectively with customers and carry out constant follow up.

Who Should Attend?

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Sales Team
  • Client Representatives