This five day finishing course is ideal for those who wish to add that extra bit of polish to their lives, brushing up on essential social skills for the new academic year(as an undergraduate/graduate) or to pick up new tricks and tips to enhance years of life experience (professionals, house wives, entrepreneurs, etc.). It’s also highly useful for those who wish to get ahead of their peers and ready themselves for a new stage: their first home, or another new, exciting chapter. It covers essential life skills that are often forgotten, which will give participants the competitive social and professional edge. The course comes with a student manual, which you will be able to take away directly after the course. Notes and further reading will be provided following your week with The English Manner Nigeria.

Our unsurpassed interactive training style is international standard and will equip you with the knowledge and skills to progress in your career and make networking challenges a thing of the past. Duration: 2 weeks


Participants will be fully prepared to make a positive impact in the society, by not only learning the social and personal skills necessary to be confident, poised and successful but also how to live life to its fullest.

With the benefit of our proven international programmes, you can build a highly-respected, popular and profitable brand for yourself, utilising our well put together programme materials, and with constant practices from the team.


Who should attend?

  • Professionals
  • Graduates
  • House wives
  • Entrepreneurs