Strategic/ Leadership Retreats

This is for management and leadership teams that need to revisit, review and reshape the organization’s direction and produce a robust time-bound plan for execution.

•       Enhance leadership skills that will lead to effective running of the company
•       Empower successful, educated, strong and motivated leaders of the company
•       Clarify objectives and mutual expectations.

Who should attend?
•       Senior Management
•       Directors
•       Heads of Department

Team Spirit 

 This is designed for fostering a collective vision, getting people in the same page and pulling in the same direction, improving work relationships and increasing trust amongst members of an organization.

•       Take your team to a higher level of productivity, function and purpose
•       Work together with one purpose performance towards the company’s mission, values and vision
•       Access current strengths, situation, direction and opportunities to define goals
•       Increase higher level of productivity, function and purpose

Who should attend?
•       Heads of Departments
•       Team Leads
•       Team members

Innovation and Creativity

This develops critical non-technical interpersonal skills of future business leaders that organizations have earmarked for increased responsibility. Employees will be more able to think outside the box outside working environment. In outdoor settings, they are taken out of their comfort zone and immersed in a changing environment by handling new circumstances. Team learns to turn problems into opportunities for success.

•       Work together to create common goals in an environment that promotes deeper thinking and creativity
•       Develop your strategic and tactile work plan for ongoing success and return on investment

Who should attend?
•       Heads of Department
•       Management Teams
•       Business Development


 This retreat provides an opportunity for workforce networking, synergy between functions and communication cascade across the entire organization.

•       To create a strong knit team
•       Expose workers hidden talents
•       Galvanize employees to work towards a shared goal
•       Help employees overcome their fears

Who should attend?
•       Members of Staff

Aspiring Leaders

This retreat equips young professionals and entrepreneurs with life skills that prepare them for relevance and success in their sphere of influence.

•       Empower young entrepreneurs, encourage their creativity and manage talents
•       Develop leadership skills in young entrepreneurs

Who should attend?
•       Young Entrepreneurs
•       Young Professionals


 This retreat is developed and tailored to meet human capital needs specified by the client