Our international service offering delivering tuition on broad business and social themes from a migration and cultural standpoint. Say goodbye to the world of yesteryear...a world that had borders, a world that had obstacles leading to misunderstandings and a world where there was one perceived right and wrong way of doing things. Today's business world requires a new understanding of the multitude of acceptable ways of doing business.

Successful business persons will replace 'right and wrong' with' different' by understanding the impact of culture as a powerful factor in shaping how people think, communicate and behave. With The English Manner Nigeria, you have taken the first step to becoming an international business person of the highest calibre and we are delighted to say Welcome. Much like our on-site courses, the underlying philosophy of our off site trainings is to enhance your understanding of the values and beliefs that shape social and business etiquette norms in various regions. Upon completion, you will be prepared to welcome a world without borders. A world where, by taking the time to learn about other cultures and relationships, you will solidify business relationships with increased understanding, efficiency and success.

Who should attend?​

  • International Business Executives
  • International diplomatic officials
  • Government officials
  • Protocol Officers
  • Expatriates
  • International Protocol and Diplomacy Training