In an increasingly competitive marketplace, knowing how to behave in the professional world has never been more important. Having the extra polish to back up your brilliant business brain is a smart way to make you invaluable to your company or organisation. The world is getting a lot smaller and business travel is much easier than it ever was, and so it won't just be your own country where you do business, you need to know how to behave when on a mission abroad. This intensive course will equip participants with tools to ensure they get the upper hand in business and work place situation.

This programme gives guidelines needed to handle business dealings and maintain a higher degree of professionalism in the work place to ensure results that support the vision of the company. At the end of our corporate etiquette training, participants will be equipped with tools to positively infuse a standard of professionalism and good work culture.  Duration: 2 days


Following this training programme, participants will:

  • Acquire skills that will equip and enhance their corporate and business skills in relating with both colleagues and clients.
  • Have an excellent work culture needed to function in the work place.
  • Be able to effectively network and represent the corporate
  • Be exposed to rudiments of business culture that will equip them to brand confidently and efficiently. be savvy professionals

Who should attend?

  • Principal Officers
  • Public Personas
  • Team Leads