In our world today, children need to be taught morals and ethics of everyday life and such at a young age because they will create the future. Our bespoke etiquette class adapted for minors and younger children, with a focus on manners, appearance and emotional intelligence will help broaden their horizons and thinking path. 


Following this training, children will:

  • Learn the WHYs and WHEREFOREs of Etiquette
  • Be able to introduce themselves properly to people when they meet and greet
  • Learn about deportment and how to carry themselves when sitting, walking and standing
  • Understand the rudiments of Dining Etiquette and exhibit proper table manners
  • Know how to behave in social settings
  • Know how to speak right and speak clear
  • Know to handle and address bullying

Who should attend?

Children from:

  • Ages 4 - 6
  • Ages 7 - 10
  • Ages 11 - 15
  • Ages 16 – 18